Supercharge Your Search: How GenAI Revolutionizes Enterprise Information Retrieval

GenAI brings a paradigm shift in enterprise data management, empowering decision-making and enhancing business value. With advanced algorithms and autonomous learning, organizations leverage data assets for deeper insights, risk mitigation, and seizing opportunities.

Supercharge Your Search: How GenAI Revolutionizes Enterprise Information Retrieval


In today's enterprise landscape, information retrieval is a cornerstone of daily operations. However, the exponential growth in data volume across organizations presents significant challenges in effectively accessing pertinent information. Traditional approaches like keyword-based searches often fall short, lacking the contextual understanding necessary for precise results. As enterprises grapple with diverse data sources contributing to their knowledge, the demand for advanced solutions to streamline information retrieval becomes increasingly imperative.

Discover how the integration of GenAI, a potent language model, transformed information retrieval processes within our client enterprise. Harnessing GenAI's capabilities resulted in notable improvements in efficiency, information accuracy, and overall employee productivity.

Challenges in Enterprise Information Retrieval

Our client organization encountered significant hurdles in efficiently retrieving information from extensive datasets. Their current keyword-based system fell short, necessitating additional manual effort to locate the necessary data. Notably, using Slack for internal communications added to the complexity, with valuable insights scattered across conversations. Their existing solution struggled to effectively harness this wealth of knowledge, prompting the need for a more sophisticated approach. Seeking a solution capable of comprehensively processing information from diverse sources and interpreting complex user queries in natural language, they aimed to enhance accuracy and efficiency in information retrieval.

The GenAI Solution

Enterprises are increasingly adopting GenAI to address the demand for intelligent information retrieval systems. GenAI leverages advanced language understanding capabilities inherent in large language models. By deciphering user intent behind complex queries and incorporating contextual information absent in traditional keyword-based searches, GenAI markedly improves search accuracy.

GenAI workflow

Implementing GenAI for Enterprise Data Handling

Data pipelines were built to ingest structured and unstructured data from diverse sources across the organization. These data were then converted into embeddings and stored in the vector database which is purpose-built for this use-case. Slack conversations pass through an additional stage of data preprocessing to filter any noisy conversations that are contributing to enterprise knowledge.

  • Developed data pipelines to ingest structured and unstructured data from various sources across the organization.

  • Converted data into embeddings and stored them in a purpose-built vector database.

  • Implemented additional data preprocessing for Slack conversations to filter out noisy content that contributes to enterprise knowledge.

Contextual Understanding

With the model’s ability to identify entities and concepts within semantically similar data, helped us to create relationships between them resulting in an enriched knowledge base. GenAI’s inherent capability in understanding the intent and context of a given query, helped generate the relevant search results, even if they don't contain the exact keywords used in the query. Understanding the nature of the query helps the system to filter any toxic content being asked. GenAI’s prompts are carefully designed in such a way that any sensitive/toxic/mature contents are filtered from the response that is sent to the user.

  • Leveraged the model's ability to identify entities and concepts within semantically similar data to create relationships, enriching the knowledge base.

  • Utilized GenAI's capability to comprehend the intent and context of user queries, generating relevant search results even without exact keyword matches.

  • Implemented content filtering to remove toxic or sensitive content from responses, enhancing user experience and ensuring compliance.


Using this approach, the system can produce tailored results for individual users based on their search history, roles, and preferences. A caching layer is built to store the recent conversations and results for each user so the response for repetitive queries is fetched from the cache. Also, each query is pre-processed to filter any confidential or PII data getting transmitted to the GenAI server.

  • Customized search results for individual users based on their search history, roles, and preferences.

  • Established a caching layer to store recent conversations and results, enabling faster response times for repetitive queries.

  • Pre-processed queries to filter confidential or personally identifiable information before transmission to the GenAI server.

User Benefits

  • Improved Search Accuracy: GenAI's advanced language understanding capabilities significantly increased the accuracy of search results, enabling employees to retrieve information quickly and confidently.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Natural language querying allowed employees from different departments to interact seamlessly with the system, improving efficiency.

  • Increased Productivity: Reduced time spent on irrelevant data led to remarkable productivity gains, facilitating better decision-making and cost reduction.

Business impacts

Through GenAI, organizations have witnessed tangible business impacts, with notable improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and user experience. BigThinkCode's commitment to leveraging generative AI has enabled enterprises to unlock the full potential of this technology.

  • Maximizing Business Success: Achieving 10% to 20% Productivity Gains

  • Unlocking Efficiency: Achieve 30% to 50% Gains with GenAI in Process and Operations

In conclusion, the integration of GenAI into enterprise information retrieval systems has ushered in a new era of intelligent and intuitive data access. This transformative step has significantly enhanced the organization's ability to extract valuable insights from diverse datasets, leading to better-informed decision-making and increased overall productivity.

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