Information Security Policy

The key objective of our Information Security Policy is to assist us in constantly ensuring that our esteemed clients are delivered products and services, through effective practices for sensitive information protection, distribution and management, seamlessly and securely.

We collectively maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive Information in the company and make it available with minimum disruption to employees when critical of their function.

We would provide information security awareness and training to employees and non-employees (as needed) regularly.

All our business units and functions would adhere to configuration management process that controls access and protects their work products.

We are committed to meeting all regulatory, legislative and contractual requirements that our business demands.

Our business continuity process is planned and implemented to counteract interruptions to critical business activities from the effects of major failures.

We are committed to report any security breach of information, actual or suspected. All reported breaches are investigated to initiate corrective actions and be on the lookout for improvement opportunities.

We intend to do periodic audits to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of our information security management system. Our Information Security Forum reviews this policy yearly.

Authorized Signature

Muralidaran Manoharan

Chief Technology Officer